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Amorous Spring Season of the College Bound

June 28th, 2007, by zalas
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G-Collections announced two days ago through a Press Release email the acquisition of Amorous Professor Cherry ( 微熱教師ちえり) from producer ZyX.

“Amorous Professor Cherry is the story of Kouta Koikawa, a youth madly in love with his rookie social studies professor Chieri. The player guides Kouta’s actions as the romance between them unfolds, allowing the player to experience love and tender passion not only with Chieri but also with her vivacious colleague Mamiko and Kouta’s classmate.“

Amorous Professor Cherry is writen by scenario writer Tomohiro Minakami; famed in the US for his scenario work in another G-Collections title, Crescendo. Art is handled by Sendorikun. In what seems like a recent trend in JAST Zaibatsu acquitisions, Amorous Professor Cherry is another title ranked over 70 on Erogamescape. Preorder for the game is available from the usual place, JAST USA.

Amorous Professor Cherry is in initial development stage and is expected to see a release date sometime in late 2007 or early 2008.

Also included in the press release was an announcement by JAST that they would reveal two more title acquisitions at their panel at AX that would “revolutionize the face of the English language bishoujo game industry“. An updated will be made after the event on the two title acquisitions.

Full press article and the cover from Amorous Professor Cherry can be seen in the Read More.

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