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Eternal Production Lovers and the Backdoor to the Absolute Territory

June 6th, 2007, by zalas
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A bit belated perhaps, but at FanimeCon 2007, Shizuki Yamashita from Broccoli International USA (abbreviated from here on as BIUSA) talked about their plans regarding the Galaxy Angel games and their possible release in the US.

There was a company who licensed the PC version of the first game from Broccoli Japan, and Broccoli Japan introduced the BIUSA people to them at E3 that year, with the suggestion of marketing the franchise together. BIUSA offered to help the game localization company with anything, but they have yet to hear back from them ever since.

Meanwhile, BIUSA is talking to a few companies about the Galaxy Angel II game, and they hope they can announce something this year. The game is supposedly pretty popular in Japan and now would be a good time to introduce it over here.

Furthermore, BIUSA hinted at why the PC version was sought after, instead of the PS2 version. Essentially, Sony USA is very strict about bringing over non-3D games, so most AVG are out. However, now that the PS3 is out, Sony may become a bit more lax with the PS2 US licensing. Added to the fact that 2D games like Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) have been pretty popular, there may be more people interested in bringing 2D AVG over. One final issue is that these games have a lot of text, so there is question whether US gamers would be interested in reading so much.

In closing, Shizuki Yamashita mentioned the Evangelion Battle Orchestra game and how interesting it was. She said it would be cool if that were released over here and jokingly asked the crowd to ask Mr. Yamaga (from Gainax) to license the game. She also said that you can play it on a Japanese PS2, as there isn’t really that much reading involved.

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