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Melty Blood English v1.5 Released

April 29th, 2007, by Message
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Today Revolve Translations releases their full story mode patch for Melty Blood, the Tsukihime-followup fighting game created by Watanabe Productions (now French-Bread) and TYPE-MOON. Released late 2002, Melty Blood quickly became one of the most popular 2D fighting games ever created and has since spawned many updates, an expansion, an arcade port, a PS2 port of the arcade port, an arcade port of the PS2 port of the arcade port, a PC port of the arcade port of the… It has spawned a huge franchise and can be found in every self-respecting gaming room in Japan.
Melty Blood is often praised for its extensive supply of moves, unusually smooth animations and very precise timing system. The story mode of the game however is also quite special; it is certainly much longer than any other fighting game of above average fame, but being part of the TYPE-MOON universe, and a sequel to Tsukihime, it is also much more detailed and of higher quality.

The Melty Blood English installer can be downloaded here. The game itself can be bought from PaletWeb and HimeyaShop (currently out of stock), among others. Our congratulations go to the entire Revolve staff for seeing this project through to its conclusion and we wish them luck with their ongoing work on the expansion ReACT and the PS2 port of Act Cadenza.

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