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Oddly enough, Summer Days in spring

April 2nd, 2007, by zalas
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Yesterday, on April Fool’s, many Japanese visual novel and eroge makers took the time to take their humor seriously and unleash various gag/joke websites and releases over the internets. 0verflow, the infamous makers of School Days, was no exception.

What made 0verflow’s “gag” interesting is just what they did. Most of us were shocked when we discovered that 0verflow had released the trial for Summer Days in English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean in addition to their gag video of Magical Kokoro. This has caused some speculation given the quality of these translations. A few have mentioned the Chinese translation of the demo is top notch, near professional grade level. While the English version of the trial is far from top notch, it is exceptionally good considering this was supposed to be a “gag” release. It is by far superior to Babelfish or Gin’iro’s Engrish mode, closing in on the quality of rushed fansub anime episode; nothing that a little bit of editing by a native English speaker couldn’t fix in a jiffy.

Either way, “gag” or something more, we have mirrored the release in our demos section for others to try out and see for themselves. A couple notes about the demo is that the installer is in Japanese still. Its similar to the installers of just about any other program out there though, so installing it should not be terribly difficult. Also, your system must be running with your locale set to Japanese / your unicode set to Japanese. Finally, many people have reported having issues with demo, so if you need help, please post in the support section of our forums, but bear in mind, you (and all English players) are not the only one… the Japanese have gone through the pain of trying to install Summer Days too… and they probably faired even worse then us.

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