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A Wonder In Itself!

January 21st, 2007, by zalas
Posted in VisualNews

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Hirameki International announced today that after many months of delay, its next AnimePlay PC title is released!
Piece of Wonder is a doujin title created by Studio Crossfire. Originally released in February 2002, Piece of Wonder is slight scifi themed visual novel that combines strategy rpg elements. It tells the tale of humans that are being reborn “evolved” under the quiet wraps of mass media restrictions, and what this “evolution” entails. It is available now via an online downloadable version that can be bought through Hirameki’s Piece of Wonder page. The download version also doubles up as a time limited trial (45 minutes) for those who want to preview the game. A boxed version should be available through local and online store outlets on February 28th.

A higher quality opening/demo hybrid video can be downloaded here. (Please “Right Click and Save As”)

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