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And this is why they created such a thing called automated systems

January 11th, 2007, by zalas
Posted in VisualNews

Ahh… two days of down time.  VN hasn’t seen much downtime in a while, so it was a refreshing change…. right? ><

And this is why they created automated systems.  The first mistake was that I forgot to pay the domain name bill.  Well… three weeks passed while it sat expired and finally the registar put a block on it… which was quite an effective reminder that I had to pay….  I mean, it’s a  bill that only comes once a year?  How the heck am I supposed be able to remember to pay that?  I forget after like the first two weeks >< .  I did set up automatic payments this time around though, so hopefully next year around this time, that wont happen again.

Now, if that was the only issue, we would have been up a good day and a half ago, but here is another issue of where automated systems need to be put in place.  After I renewed the domain, I gave them the reasonable 48 hours to get everything restored and fixed.  And nothing…. so I send a support email to them to learn THEY forgot to remove the block on the domain after I paid =_=…  Automated Systems onegaishimasu! T__T

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