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December 24th, 2006, by Message
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From the people who brought us the Gadget Trial trial version less than three months ago, today we see the full translation release of what is without a doubt the most addictive game that we have had the pleasure to report a full translation of.

Released in June of this year by Kogado Studio’s Team Kumasan, Gadget Trial is part visual novel, part turn-based strategy and is suitable for all ages. It tells the hopeless story of a contingent of stark crazy feminine weapons of war, all equipped with increasingly atrocious armaments and an unfailing aptitude for getting themselves into trouble.

This release being a very comical gift for Christmas, the only problem is that it’s probably too late to ask Santa for a copy. Gadget Trial can be ordered from Himeya, among other places. The translation patch is available from the official translation website.

Update: There seems to be a few issues with the initial release. An updated version will be available by New Years.

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