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The Melty Lineage of Destiny

December 14th, 2006, by Message
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Progress has been continuing at a steady pace since mirror moon announced their work on Fate/stay night eight months ago. TakaJun finished the translation of the Fate route in June of this year and tjm is now close to completing the editing of those scripts, finishing approximately 30% of the game. With puKKa nearly finished with the image editing as well, the staff is beginning to plan for an internal beta test. It has not yet been decided whether or not the Fate route will be released as a separate patch.

Meanwhile ArchDemon and Ryuusoul are working through the Melty Blood and Melty Blood: ReAct story mode scripts, refining the translations and inserting them into the game. Approximately 40% of the script is finalized, some programming work still remains and image editing is also not yet completed.

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