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ONE sidestory of Boys Love

December 3rd, 2006, by zalas
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A new group to the scene, Deja Vu has put out two translated demo doujin games, Stay.~Fragments of memories~ and Touryou Made Mattenai.

Stay.~Fragments of memories~ is a doujin game of the famous Tactics title, ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~. Created by APPLEproject, the demo is worksafe enjoyment in the world of ONE.

For the other side of the spectrum (and raving fangirls), Touryou Made Mattenai is a doujin game of Hikaru no Go, focusing on the Hikaru x Akira pairing. Written by TokyoRox, the demo is worksafe but leans towards shounen-ai, and the full version is flat out yaoi.

Both games can be downloaded from the demos section.

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