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Fixed Side of the Moon

December 3rd, 2006, by Message
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Today mirror moon releases an updated version of Tsukihime English. Everyone is strongly encouraged to update their installation to v1.1 as it both solves and prevents several problems that were found in the first release. Most notably, mirror moon has found that using mp3 music caused ONScripter to freeze at random locations and has therefore switched to using ogg files for the music instead. The new version also fixes several other small bugs and a large number of typos.

The Tsukihime English v1.1 installer can be used both as a standalone installer and as an updater from v1.0. The file can be downloaded from our http mirror or through BitTorrent.

Edit: It turns out that v1.1 breaks compatibility with v1.0 savegames on some occasions. Read the official post for details.

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