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Creating Community

December 1st, 2006, by zalas
Posted in VisualNews

As undoubtedly some of you have heard or noticed, VisualNews has recently adopted a new forum.

Haeleth’s Gemot has been one of the center meeting places of visual novel discussion within the English speaking world for over three years now. Started from Haeleth’s website to talk about his translation projects, it gradually turned into the discussion center for visual novels it is now. There were various reason why Haeleth chose to move the Gemot to VisualNews (which can be read here), but we are glad to embrace the Gemot community. For those of you who never posted in our old forums (cause that was just about everybody XD) since there was no content or discussion there really, now you have content! And a lot more then we ever imagined we would have!

So, please check out the new VisualNews Gemot (Forums), browse a bit, and hopefully leave a message or two.

On another random website note, I brought the donations page up again because of the increasing costs of VisualNews to run. It’s a tad pricey and there are some software upgrades we want to purchase, so if you have a bit of spare monetary funds, please consider donating a bit.

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