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Al|together Fitting

November 19th, 2006, by zalas
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After a delay of three months and a day, the majority of the al|together 2006 ~lumine claro~ submissions have been finished and released. Today the following titles are made available for download:
Collage [AstCd2]
Midsummer Haze [Kyuuen]
My Black Cat [Daioh]
Night of the Forget-Me-Nots [Eien ni Hen]
Summer, Cicadas, and the Girl [Shii]
The world to reverse. [satsu]

Older al|together 2006 releases include:
Adiago [insani]
At Summer’s End [insani]
Instant Death! Panda Samurai [insani]
OMGWTFOTL [insani]
Visions from the Other Side [insani]
Wanderers in the Sky [zalas]

Having underestimated the work required for release engineering, it took this year’s festival coordinator Haeleth some time to get everything ready for release. The primary cause of this was that this year’s participants were not required to focus on much other than the textual translation. While this improved the accessibility of the festival for people not familiar with programming tasks, it caused the release engineering tasks to take much longer. A full readup of the events that caused the al|together delay can be read at Haeleth’s website.

No definite plans for 2007 exist at this point, but with the great success of al|together 2006 and 2005 it seems a foregone conclusion that the festival is worthy of continuation.

For those who do not know, al|together is a festival of free translated games. An opportunity for budding and established translators to give their hand at a small piece with the blessing of the original authors and an opportunity for eager readers to enjoy short stories that would normally never be available in the English language. More information can be found on the offical 2006 al|together website.

Congratulations to all the translators!

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