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Original English-Language Visual Novels

August 11th, 2006, by Message
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While the Japanese market for visual novels is huge, there are only very few English games that could classify as a visual novel beyond the typical graphical adventure genre. Since the number of translated titles is still very small, some people have started creating their own visual novels in English.
While game interpreters like ONScripter would allow for the creation of new visual novels, a more common system used for these projects is Ren’Py. Ren’Py has seen a steady development over the past few years and by now offers a good amount of functionality to the programmers. Yesterday a new title was released based on the latest version of the engine.

Ori Ochi Onoe is a multi-ending lovesim spanning approximately one hour of gameplay, written by Mikey of ATP Projects. The game shows shows off the technical abilities of the engine quite nicely, so it might be an interesting exposition of a possible medium for talented writers to work in. The cross-platform release can be downloaded from the ATP Projects website, a windows installer has also been created and can be downloaded using BitTorrent.

Thanks to PyTom for reporting the release of O3.

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