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Animamundi Bandage Patch

July 18th, 2006, by zalas
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Hirameki released today a patch for Animamundi: Dark Alchemist addresses a unicode issue that would display text incorrectly on the chapter “Outbreak of War”. A surprising things about the patch is some of the other errors it corrected, including a major bug that would deny a ending path to the user.

“In ‘Outbreak of War,’ even if Georik succeeds in making Philosopher’s Sulfur, it will not be displayed on the item chart, which will then cause him to fail in his attempt to make the Philosopher’s Stone in ‘A Luminescent Blessing’ and automatically lead to the bad ending ‘A Quiet Corruption.’ “

Also another surprising issue is that instability of save files that the patch creates.

“It is possible to play from saved data after you have installed this patch, but because this may cause ‘paradoxes’ in item acquisition and scenario progression, we recommend that you clear your saved data and play from the beginning.”

Ouch. Thats a raping of issues. And some major ones too, though nothing in comparison to Summer Days =D. Thats three for three. Three AnimePlay games that needed major patches. Maybe Hirameki should consider hiring more beta testers and possibly a hacker or two.

Download the patch.
Instructions for the patch.
Buy Animamundi.

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