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The AX Reports – Part 1: Hirameki Panel

July 9th, 2006, by zalas
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Anime-Expo 2006, the largest anime convention within the United States. VisualNews is proud to have been able to send two reporters, Misuzu and zalas, to cover the event. Also, we would like to give our thanks to a couple people who helped us out, mainly cyanoacry, dovac, and all of the Hirameki staff.

AX was actually had quite a few visual novel related events. Headlining the events was the yozuca* concert and there was a total of four panels. “How to Learn by Moe” (Studio Sagittarius), “Romance 101 Guide to Ren’ai Gaming” (Okashi Studios), “The Prominence of the Visual Novel PC Game Among Japanese Otaku” (Hirameki), and the Yozuca* Focus Panel (Circus). VisualNews will run a series of articles over the next couple of days highlighting the news of AX.

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