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VisualNews v2.0 – Reborn

July 6th, 2006, by zalas
Posted in VisualNews

Welcome to VisualNews v2.0. Kanpai~~! We’ve complete redone the backend the site to make our lives easier, and incidentally, also make yours ^^. There’s a bunch of new features we’ve implemented that I hope will make everyone’s stay at VisualNews more enjoyable.

Some of the new features are -
Multiple Feeds: Now we support RSS 2.0, RDF/RSS 1.0, RSS 0.92, and ATOM feeds.
Permalinks: No more nasty URLs.
Monthly Archives: Hey, I don’t have to hit previous so many times!
Categorical Archives: Just how many times have we written about Tsukihime o.O?
Search: Oh Piece of Wonder, where are you hiding?

We’ve got a bunch more planned that will be implemented in the next coming month or so, but please enjoy the new VisualNews.

As always though, they are a couple unresolved issues that we are working on. Currently, there is a display problem with Safari browsers. Sorry Macs, I’m working on fixing it as fast as I can. Second, the old RSS feed does NOT work anymore. If you look underneath the search section, you will find four different types of RSS feeds you can now subscribe too. Finally, there is a dating problem with posts that our system won’t display the date of an article if another article was posted on that day. If you encounter any other problems while browsing VN, please feel free to use our comments form to notify us of them.

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