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Swinging to the Beta

July 6th, 2006, by Message
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Two months ago we reported that Mirror Moon opened applications for the second beta test of Tsukihime. Approximately twenty people were selected for this project at the time, but conflicting schedules caused the organization to slow down significantly for a while.

Two weeks ago the Mirror Moon staff got together and started working on a project environment and time schedule, which has since been completed and set into motion. The beta project is now proceeding in full swing, with the proofreading part already halfway completed. Playtesting will begin in two weeks and is scheduled to be finished by the end of August. It is as of yet uncertain how long it will take before the patch can be released after that, but work is progressing quickly.

Work on the non-ero patch has seen little progress over the past two months, as most efforts are currently directed at keeping the beta project running smoothly. It is hoped that more time will become available once the playtesting has begun.

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