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Da Capo in 1/4 meter

June 2nd, 2006, by Message
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Three days ago the world saw the sudden release of an alpha patch for Da Capo Plus Communication, offering a 25% translation of average quality by Arkanos. The patch was created with programming help from roxfan and translates the Kotori, Kanae and Alice routes.
D.C.P.C. is an adult school romance story, released in 2004 by CIRCUS. It contains everything the original PC game had and adds the content of the all-age PS2 version.

The patch can be downloaded from the official page, or from our mirror on the full games page. We have also added insani’s Red Shift release to the page, our apologies for the delay. Furthermore, on the demo page you will now find mirrors of Hirameki’s Ever17 and Ai Yori Aoshi demos.

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