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Progress Update

April 9th, 2006, by Message
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Ryuusoul has finished editing Tsukihime’s Akiha route, with the current progress at 80% it is expected that beta 2 can begin some time this month. A number of days ago Mirror Moon put up a smalll Fate/stay night project page, listing TakaJun for translation and tjm for editing and hacking. Since then puKKa has joined to help with image editing. TakaJun has finished translating up to day 6 of the Fate scenario and is continuing at high pace. To save him from madness over Shirou’s annoying selfishness, non-blood related imouto are welcome to report at his doorstep for further instructions.

Easter Egg Update: The editing of Tsukihime is almost done and TakaJun is currently translating day 8 of Fate/stay night.

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